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Azoospermia caused by the same molecular mechanisms as Cystic Fibrosis

A recent research article reveals that the molecular causes for Azoospermia and Cystic Fibrosis could be common! But first, some background information… Azoospermia in brief Azoospermia is a male medical condition of having low or not having

Human Microbiome – Discover a New Universe Hidden in Your Body!

Human Microbiome Project will map the genetic sequences of bacterial world hidden in our bodies! If you recall the biology course in the college, the average human being is a collection of about 10 trillion eukaryotic cells

Multiple Myeloma Genome Sequenced

Mapping the Multiple Myeloma Genome Will Provide New Clues to It’s C auses This week, a set of multiple myeloma genomes sequencing project have been successfully completed! The initial analysis of the sequencing data revealed the assortment